Our Story

DDDMemories all started with a DIY gift to my then fiancé for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. “It’s the thought that counts...” This is something that I’ve always stood by for every occasion that involved gifting. Giving cash or a gift card to a loved one just doesn't cut it for me and if you've landed on this page then I assume the same goes for you!

I remember thinking up all the ways I could gift her with something that she has never received before and at the same time, something that she would remember and cherish for years on. That’s when I got the idea of doing something with our favorite photos and memories. But I didn’t want to just put them in any old photo frame or photo album, boring! That’s where the cubes or “3D” idea came into play. Why display one photo in a single frame when you can display up to six (6) photos on a custom photo cube.

One friend after another asked for their own set and before long, more comments and requests started to roll in... and so began DDDMemories. I look forward to working with you on your thoughtful and custom, memorabilia gift.

-Sending positive energy and thoughts your way,